Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Additions to the Shop

This has been a job on my list FOREVER! As well as supplying a range of clay, I've wanted to stock my shop with a range of good quality tools at the best possible prices. So I've been trawling the web, dealing with manufacturers, and I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere!  There's a long way to go with some of the things I want to source and it seems to take forever for some of the companies to come back to me, which is totally infuriating.

This clay shaping tool is one of my most used tools, I love 2 tools in one, because you never have enough hands!!

I've managed to reduce the price of this tool by £1.00

Another double ended tool, this one is SHARP! I use mine to cut out freehand shapes from wet clay and also to scrape away at unwanted dry clay.  This one has been reduced by £1.70

I'm on a mission to find the best value tools I can now! Its becoming quite addicitive LOL!

These tools are up on the website now HERE

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