Saturday, 7 March 2009

Where has the week gone and where have I been all week? I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at work - boo. I had Thursday and Friday at the studio - hooray.

It's taking me a while to get used to my new way of making. I seem to spend the first hour or so just wandering around the studio, faffing with things and feeling a bit lost! Like I said before, I've never spent whole days making jewellery before, so it is definitely taking some time to get used to having my own space. I remembered to take milk with me on Friday, so for the first time was able to make myself a coffee! I've had in my head for ages about making buttons, but because of the cost of silver, wondered whether anyone would actually want fine silver buttons. I should've know just to ask my friends on Bead Buddies They all suggested using them as clasps for their jewellery and also bag makers may like them as clasps. So, having found a use for them, I made these

They are fresh out of the kiln so haven't been polished, but I'm really happy with them, and can see these being a regular feature in my online shops. Next to try will be bronze buttons!


ChatElaine said...

Lovely buttons Becci. People do use buttons in their jewellery as well, check out Keiara's blog she had a bracelet made entirely of buttons, from an Etsy artist/seller.
I havent forgotten your earrings prize, been really busy with commissions this week myself and I have been having a little mojo trouble of my own!!! Hope to get them done over the weekend for you!! :0))

Fired Silver said...

I'll go and check it out, thanks. Don't worry, there's no rush. xx

SNOW QUEEN said...

They are really nice, can't wait to see them polished. Great idea!