Thursday, 12 March 2009

Gosh, aren't my posts sporadic at the moment!! There is such a lot to get done, time isn't on my side!!

I spent Tuesday running a private tuition day at the studio. I had two lovely ladies who made some great work, and hopefully they learnt lots too! I really enjoy private tuition - the people who book usually have previous metal clay experience and want to expand their knowledge in certain areas. Group classes don't always fit in for everyone, so its great to be able to offer this service on a more regular basis now that I'm in the studio.

The rest of my week has been taken up with day-job work, and trying to get my head around my marketing leaflets etc. I've designed a leaflet which I'll be dropping through letterboxes local to the studio (have to put my trainers on I think!), I made it a 3-fold leaflet so that I could maximise the information on there, but now I have to sit and fold them all up!

Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day at the studio. One of the ladies that came on my first ever class up here in Cheshire is coming to my studio. She's been on lots of classes, and we've become good friends, so we're just having a play-day tomorrow. I can't wait - it'll do us both the power of good. Bronzclay is definitely on the agenda tomorrow. Although I've played with Bronze, I haven't fired and finished anything yet, but that'll change tomorrow so watch out for some bronze pieces soon.

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ChatElaine said...

Cant wait to see the bronze would love a go at that!! Come visit my blog and collect your AWARD!!