Monday, 23 February 2009

Workshop Update

As promised, here are some inside shots of the workshop space. I was going to take them when I first arrived this morning, but forgot!

So, here's a before shot

After a couple of hours of swearing at the furniture! Here's an after shot

I didn't get as much time here today as I would've liked, but I'm quite pleased with the progress so far. Fingers crossed my next day there will get the sorting finished off, I may even spend a couple of evenings this week trying to get it all done.


Jo said...

It all looks great so far! A fantastic space for classes.

Glamglass said...

Ohh That looks great!! I may pop in myself!!

Beady Bugs said...

Great looking space Becci. You should've given me a shout - I LOVE doing flat packs! LOL! Yeh, I know I'm not right. Lego for grown ups. ;-) HP x

ChatElaine said...

Great space, very tidy still. Nothing like mine at all, small and very untidy. We'll see what it is like in a month or two when you start working in there!!! LOL Hee hee hee!!

Fired Silver said...

Thanks everyone, it's getting there! HP I'll give you a call next time I have flat packs! Elaine, notice I've only taken a pic of one side of the room!! I'm gonna have to keep it fairly tidy cos there'll be classes going on, bit it will be difficult! xx