Sunday, 28 March 2010

Remeber Me??!!

I know, I know I've been hopeless at blogging recently but that'll change now I promise!

There has been a lot going on here at Fired Silver HQ!  Probably too much to write about in one post, and certainly at this time of night, but I will update you fully over the next few days - promise!

News Item No 1 - A number of weeks ago, I took over all the stock from a company called Craftgemz.  I have been a customer of their's for a number of years and they stocked the most gorgeous range of fireproof gems to use in PMC and Art Clay.  When I found out they were closing, the opportunity to buy all of their stock was just too fabulous to turn down!!

So a number of weeks later and I've finally finished sorting and bagging the stones - over 40,000 of them!  I've got most of them uploaded on the website now and you can see them on the Gemstones page of my website.  I hope to get the rest of the stock uploaded over the next few days.

More news to follow............................


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