Thursday, 10 December 2009

....and relax

That's that then!  All of the fairs are now finished for me for this year.  I have really enjoyed getting out there this year and showing my work.  It is completely nerve wracking but enjoyable!

I have a couple of lessons next week, but then I'm taking a break until January.  My little girl has 3 weeks holiday from school so I'm going to play mummy - I can't wait!!

I will working behind the scenes still, i'm writing new content for the website and the studio needs a really good clear out!  I'm sure I'll manage to fit in some creative time too ;o)

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my favourite makes over the last few weeks:

Some gorgeous twisted beads by Becky Fairclough and a bit of chainmaille by me!!


beaujolaisbeads said...

That's pretty, Becci. I like chain maille and lampies, they go well together!

Anonymous said...

it's a lovely bracelet! i too had my last holiday boutique yesterday and boy was i exhausted. it is very hective, but fun too. enjoy your time off.

All About Fired Silver: said...
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All About Fired Silver: said...

Thank you both xx

I sat and made some jewellery yesterday for a couple of hours, no pressure, just playing! Heaven!