Monday, 26 October 2009

Tiny Charms

I haven't been very good at blogging lately have I - I really must try harder!

Things are really busy here at the moment - I'm hopefully creating a new business that will continue to grow and generate a regular income for me.  That business is Tiny Charms, I have been creating keepsake jewellery for friends and family for a few years now, but have never made it a proper business.  As news was spreading around friends of friends, the inevitable question of "have you got a website?" kept coming up, and so I decided it really was time to do something about it!!

It has been a lot of work to get it to the stage its currently at, and its nowhere near finished!  I hope to have the full fingerprint range up this week.  Then I'll move on to the art ranges and hand/foot print ranges.

Of course, me being the way I am, having just the basic ranges isn't enough for me!  I will be adding a designer collection as well.  I have lots of ideas bubbling around for designs, but they'll just have to wait!

I knew that when I launched this site, I'd want to work with some charities, so I will be donating a percentrage of my profits to FSID and Tommy'sBoth charities fit in really well with Tiny Charms, and the FSID in particular is important to me personally, so I'm really happy to be able to give something to them.

I have set up a Tiny Charms Blog and I could really do with some followers!  Please if you think this may be of interest to you, or people that you know, pass the link on.  The more business I can generate, the more money goes to the charities.

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