Friday, 2 October 2009

The Art of Design

I had a fabulous day yesterday, I had a visitor at the studio - Becky of Chameleon Designs. She is such a lovely person and extremely talented.

We spent some time talking about Design. This is an area I'm not ashamed to say I struggle with. However, after a great chat with Becky I feel much more comfortable with the whole topic, that's not to say I completely "get" it, I think its too big a subject for one conversation, but I at least know in my mind some of the principles.

So, I've ordered myself a new sketchbook!

This is about to be filled with all sorts of inspiration - doodles, pictures, colours, patterns etc.

I think I may have found a new passion - buying sketchbooks! I really enjoyed browsing the handmade marketplaces looking for this book, and I could've bought lots more!

I'm busy preparing for the Made by Mummy event on Thursday 8th October 2009, in Wilmslow. I've been so busy preparing for The Big Bead Show at Sandown, that I kind of got side tracked and hadn't been making jewellery! I had a good day at the studio today though and did get some earrings made and a few pendants part-made.

Hopefully I'll get time to take some photos of the finished jewellery before it goes to the show.

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june.scott said...

Good luck with the Bead Show, Becci