Friday, 19 June 2009


We finally move back into our home on Monday. I can't wait - it's not finished, but I don't care it's ours! My daughter's bedroom will be finished and that's the main thing - pink and girly, she wants lots of fairies and butterflies!

I spent today at the studio, clearing some space because we'll need to store some of our belongings there until the house is completely finished. I don't think my hubby believes me, but I spent the whole day there and didn't do any jewellery work!

So expect to be bored silly with lots of new work now - my head and sketch pad are over-flowing! Have a lovely weekend everyone and thing of me carrying my belongings the 100 yards from my rented house to our home!

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ChatElaine said...

So glad you are finally going home, hope it went smoothly for you.