Sunday, 10 May 2009

Where have I been??

Its been almost a week since my last post, so where have I been?

I still have a part time day job, so that took care of Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday was spent doing some manual labour! I had to move out of my house because the plaster fell off the walls in most of the rooms!! We've been renting for quite a long time now as we decided to re-wire the house, and have a new heating system while the house was a building site. We decided that we would be ready to move back into the house at the end of May so handed in our notice on our rented house - unfortunately we are now without any tradesmen to finish the house off! So it's down to hubby and I (and any other family members we can call on) to get the house habitable. We finally realised this week that it just wasn't gonig to be ready in time, we could camp out in there, but it's not suitable for our 3 year old. So, we've had to extend our rent another month. There is still a lot of work to be done at the house so every spare bit of time I get I'll be down there.

So my posts may be a bit sporadic for the next 6 weeks or so. I think that jewellery making will be way down on my list of jobs. I'm down at the studio for teaching each week, but I don't think I'll be able to squeeze anything else in.

I have been quite gutted about this as you can imagine! However I've decided that there are things I can do at home in the evenings - I've had a kit to teach myself Viking Knit for ages, so that's coming home, and also there are some chainmaille weaves that have been beating me, so again I'll be doing these in the evenings! Crocheting with wire is another task I never get around to learning.

So, probably not much metal clay work, but hopefully some other things to show instead. Of course all of these things will all go on to be incorporated in my metal clay jewellery so I still feel like I'm being productive!


bluefairy said...

Hope things get easier for you soon Becci! If you get a chance, I've tagged you in my blog, please play along! xxxxx

Saffie said...

Hiya Becci, hope you are well, I have tagged you as well!!!