Saturday, 18 April 2009

BronzClay Pieces

I finally got around to firing the Bronzclay pieces that I've been playing with. I only fired these two because a friend had also been playing with Bronzclay and I fired her pieces for her.

There had to be a lentil bead didn't there! This has been brushed and then polished using my Dremel. I am really pleased at how shiny it was with very little effort.

I have now got another 3 lentil beads drying at the studio! I'm hoping to make these in sets.

This button was handcarved. Since it came out of the kiln, I have only brushed it, so it has a matt surface - can't make up my mind about the matt finish, not sure if it's too dull??

I've got lots more ideas now, but am really pleased with the results I've had so far!


Mel P said...

Beau-tif-ul!! They are both sooo pretty.

Saffie said...

Becci, I commented on FHF but wanted to here as well. They are just beautiful I love both of them although have quite a soft spot for lentils!
well done you!
Sam xx

Fired Silver said...

Thanks to both of you. I am definitely going to produce a range of bronze beads, spacers & clasps now. And Sam, there had to be a lentil, they're kind of becoming my thing!!