Friday, 20 February 2009


I know, this is not at all metal clay related, but I've been having a few days with my little girl as it's half term. We've been having a lovely time, she's only 3 and I really miss her now she's at school full time. So, today we went to the fabulous Tatton Park which is right on our doorstep and beautiful. The reason for going is that they are holding a Scarecrow Festival! Here's some of the scarecrows we found today:

And to give you a final giggle, here's me with another one of them - please note that I am REALLY scared of clowns, so I was panicking doing this!!
Back soon with metal clay stories I promise!!


Nicola said...

Lol - Loving the scarecrows and the scared look is quite convincing with the clown :)

Looks like it was a great day!
Nic xx

Fired Silver said...

Thanks Nic, it was a great day, but I WAS genuinely scared!! Becci xx

ChatElaine said...

No he's not a clown he's Harry Potter with a red nose for Comic Relief!! Nothing Scary about that!! Looks like you had a fun day anyway.