Monday, 16 February 2009

A necklace just for me!

In the past, I have been rubbish about wearing my own jewellery and as a group of my buddies pointed out a little while ago - free advertising! So I've been trying to be much better at making pieces for myself and wearing them.

You may remember back in November I posted a piccie of a bracelet I made with little wish beads from the lovely Tania Grey. I had a few beads left over, and here's what I made with them. A very simple necklace, but I love it! Somtimes, the simplest things are the best.

And for those of you who follow my blog regularly, the round disk was last pictured in my work in progress pictures.

I'm dashing off now to load some more things into the car and transport over to the workshop, I'll be glad when it's done!!


ChatElaine said...

Lovely, simple is often classy!! And I am just the same I make for everyone else then when I go out I have nothing to go with what I've got on. Christmas was a prime example, so like you I need to make some things for me!!

Nicola said...

Lovely work and fab blog!
I've added you to my blog roll :)
Nic xx