Monday, 17 November 2008

Here's a couple of bails that I've just uploaded to my Folksy store. For those of you who haven't heard of Folksy it's a bit like Etsy, but a UK version. I really like Etsy, but the problem at the moment is everything is priced in US$, so my pricing was a bit all over the place with the fluctuations in the exchange rate and it was getting expensive for UK customers. So, Folksy is fairly new, but at least I can have a web presence where I can tell people to go and look at my items for sale, without it costing me a fortune in listing fees (can you guess where I'm talking about!!)

Now that I have an alternative listing venue, I feel happier about getting lots of items finished, so watch out!!

I'm running an open studio day on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it. It's more an excuse for a get together really with some of the people who've been on my classes. I'll hopefully get lots of things made and more importantly lots of half finished projects, finished!

Those of you who know how much I admire Hadar Jacobson's work, will understand how excited I am by the arrival of Hadar's latest book. It's fantastic and is packed full of great new projects. I never follow projects in books - it just isn't me, but I do tend to copy her projects just so I can pick up and understand her techniques. I was going to make every project in her first book, but never did, so I think I may go back to that plan and then start on Book 2! Watch out for a Flickr album full of Hadar projects!! Although, it may not be in the next week.


ChatElaine said...

The top one is lovely and now I can see it in the flesh!!! Thanks Becci.

Rebecca Crabtree said...

Glad it arrived safely and more importantly, that you like it!!