Friday, 14 November 2008

Silver Bracelet

Well, here we are then - the bracelet I've been working on to coordinate with my little wishes bracelet. It's all silver and I love it! I'm always trying to work colour into my pieces, but actually, just silver is beautiful!

When it's on the spacer beads don't sit straight, but I really like the fact that it's wavy. It's quite heavy at just about 20g.

The toggle clasp is also handmade by me (of course!), it's the first time I've made a heart shaped clasp and wasn't sure about how flat it would sit, but it works and there's some of my favourite fine silver flakes for a bit of sparkle!

So, what's next? I'm still working on my piece for the autumn challenge on FH, it's fired and tumbled and looking good - now for the tricky part, enamelling! It's the first time I've done enamelling where I'm wanting to make a picture, usually my enamelling work is pattern based. So I need to make sure I choose the colours well otherwise it won't look at all like it's supposed to!

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