Friday, 30 April 2010

Anyone got a fairy???

I could really do with a fairy to come in and blitz my job list!! So if any of you can lend me your job fairy that'd be great!!

This weekend I will sort out my webpage listing for the PMC Starter Kits - yes this has been an ongoing saga, but they're finally ready.  I'll be offering a couple of different level of kits, with basic tool kits starting at £25.  I wanted to include the best quality tools so that you don't waste money on cheaper versions which then need to be replaced.

Also top of my job list now is to re-write the PMC Certification pages on my website.  I put the exisiting pages up as a temporary measure so that everyone could see what the modules covered.  I'm trying to get sample pieces made up so that there will be at least one photo example against every project.  But at 20 projects in total that isn't going to happen overnight!!

Hopefully I'll have a couple of pictures for you over the weekend if I get to finish some of the sample pieces.


beth said...

i have got a fairy. xx

kevin21 said...

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Ahmed Zaky said...

February Romance: celebrate Valentine's Day

Ahmed Zaky said...

February Romance: celebrate Valentine's Day