Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A couple of piccies

I've managed a couple of hours here at the studio today. I didn't want to waste the time taking lots of pictures, so I've just taken a couple of quick pics for now.

This bead is made from Bronze clay. It is a solid bead so is lovely and weighty. I decorated it by rippling the surface - sort of like fondant icing!!

I think I'll polish it a bit more so that the high spots are really shiny.

This silver pendant has a hidden bail at the back and is domed. I've in-filled the flower with a gorgeous lilac enamel. This colours fires really well and I love the colour.

There are more of these waiting to be fired and they will definitely become part of my standard range of components.

I've been looking a lot at the Karen Hill Tribe ranges and they seem to stock pendants that designers are then adding their own touch to. This design lends itself really well to being strung in some way. My component range will definitely need to compete with the KHT Silver, so am keeping that in mind both in terms of how the pieces I design will be used, and also cost.

Any feedback on this pendant in particular would be appreicated!

That's it for now, off to make more jewellery.


Joy Funnell said...

I think the flower pendant looks great. Nice colour enamel. What size is it?

Fired Silver said...

Thanks Joy, it's just under 1 inch.

ChatElaine said...

Very pretty pendant but I do love the bronze bead. Lovely!!!