Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Almost there

Hey everyone. I move house at the end of next week, which hopefully means that I can start to get my time back and get down to the studio.

To say that I am missing it is an understatement. Being creative is such a part of me that I feel totally out of sorts! Add the stress of moving to that and I'm surprised I'm not more of a jibbering wreck that I am!

So what will I have in store for you - I've had odd bits of time at the studio the last couple of weeks so there is some bronze work which is finished and waiting to be fired. I'm really excited about this batch so need to concentrate on firing it properly! There are some lentil, spacers and a whopping bicone bead - which if all goes according to plan will have some silver decoration on it too.

I don't have too much silver work done, but do have some headpins which are nearly finished and I'm really pleased with.

So, fingers crossed next time I post here, I'll be moved and I'll be showing you lots of lovely new work!

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Joy Funnell said...

Good luck with the move. Hope it all goes well. Just think how good it will be when it is all done :)