Monday, 20 April 2009

Started Listing on Etsy

As a jewellery maker, I thought it was about time I sold some jewellery!! To start off with I'm going to be listing some earrings that I've made. I've put one pair into my Etsy store for now, and will be keeping the Etsy store for jewellery only.

I'm not particularly happy with the photographs, but that's because I took them. I really need to get set up so that my hubby can take them, as he's the photographer in our house! However, doing the listing reminded me of the listing process on Etsy, and I can change the photos once hubby has done them for me.

Anyway, here they are


Saffie said...

oh I like them!!! purty!

Mel P said...

I agree they are beautiful Good luck with ETSY xx

ChatElaine said...

Lovely Becci, hope you do well in Etsy.