Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pay it Forward - Giveaway

I totally forgot about this! The very talented Nicola at Murano Silver joined in with a Pay it Forward Giveaway. I'm lucky enough to be getting a piece of her jewellery and the condition is that I offer the same giveaway here, here it is!!

So, leave a comment on here saying Me Please and the first 3 people to do that will receive something made specially for them sometime in the next 12 months. Don't forget, if you add your comment here, you need to do the same giveaway on your own blog. Also tell me if you have a favourite colour, anything you hate, ring size, wrist size etc and then I'll be ready to go!


Laura Cameron said...

Really, just "me please"? Well then me please!! xo

Fired Silver said...

You're in Laura! You just have to do the same on your blog for 3 people now. send me an email to and let me know your faves and hates, ring size, wrist size. Becci xx

Sharon said...

Oooh, I'm just a novice jewellery maker but would love to join in. I'll probably have to post elsewhere to get my 3 though. So, me please :) Sharon x

Crafted Gems said...


Nicola said...

Yay - nice work your par it forward is all full :)
there's still room on mine for those bloggers who love jewellery!

Nic xx