Saturday, 10 January 2009

So, where are the results of my child-free, work-free Friday?? I don't have any!! I've got so much going on in my life at the moment, and I really, really needed to get some admin work done, so I gave in and did that instead!

I know some of you will shout at me for doing that, but I just can't concentrate on being creative when I have lots of other things whizzing through my mind. I just know it would have been one of those days where I broke things, or dropped things or just my ideas didn't turn out quite right. I've learnt it's best to not bother!

What I have been doing, apart from work, is to keep going with some of the business set-up jobs. I've been designing posters for me to put up locally to advertise my classes, re-designed my business card with the help of the lady who did my banner and most excitingly, have been talking to someone new about the design of my Tiny Charms logo, banner etc. Oh, and Elaine, sorry but it's not going to be charms!! The ideas for Tiny Charms are getting there, there's part of the design I'm happy with and part I'm not, but that's to be expected and the lovely, patient Sarah has said I'm to be brutally honest - well I've been honest, but I can't be brutal!

I've also been looking at what I want for my packaging and have pretty much got my head around that now. The list is still really long though! I think I need to type up the list on a single piece of paper, at the moment, it's on scraps of paper and in my head. I may number the list, but that might just be too scary.

Have a lovely weekend everyone



Saffie said...

Not gonna tell you off hun but to much work and no play and all that....Siounds like you are on full burn and go for it! the admin stuff is essential (boring but essential!) get that all sorted and then you can play to your hearts content!!! Can't wait to see it all finished!:-)

Rebecca Crabtree said...

Thanks sweety! Our bedding business has been really busy, which is great, but means a lot more work for me!! I've got quite a lot done the last couple of days though, so I'm hoping that Monday will be the day! Keep everything crossed for me!

Ollee said...

I know exactly what you mean- I have a massive to do list and I know no creative endeavours will go right while I've still got so many jobs to get through!

Jellytot x

Fired Silver said...

Exactly Ollee! I need to have my mind at least partly de-cluttered!! I'm pretty much there now, I'm more on top of my work which means I can get my evenings back at least!! Woohoo, hopefully lots of pics soon xx