Sunday, 25 January 2009

I've been rubbish at this blogging lark lately haven't I!! My personal life is VERY hectic at the moment!! Some of you who know me a bit better, know that I currently live in a rented house and have my own house which is a building site!! Well, things are moving ahead with turning the building site into a house again, so it's keeping me busy along with normal everyday life stuff!

Although I'm not finding much creative time at the moment, there are still things going on in the background here. I've finally settled on a banner design for my Tiny Charms business. All I need now is samples made so that pictures can be added to it. I wonder what job number that is on my long list!
I have been making some pieces of jewellery and have a collection growing for my hubby to photograph. I will show you these though

They are the top halves of 2 magnetic clasps. I decided that I wanted to add colour, so enamelled these and was really pleased with them. Then I realised that I've completely forgotten to add any loops to the side of them so that they can be attached to the piece of jewellery - this is what happens when there are too many distractions!

I have got some more being made now to replace these. And I definitely won't forget loops again!

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