Monday, 3 November 2008

So, what tantalising pieces of information do I have for you today (assuming I'm actually talking to someone that is!!)

I've been working on my commission piece today, and it's had to undergo yet another repair, aaarrrggghhh. So the kiln will be on later, it's a shame to only have one piece in there, so to fill it up, I'm making components for another bracelet. It'll be a little brother or sister to the bracelet I made the other day. I've got 5 of the lampwork beads left so this is going to be mostly silver with a bit of lampwork. I can visualise it in my head, I just hope it turns out the way I see it.

I'm also going to start listing jewellery tags as part of my range of handmade beads and findings - ooh, that's a blog exclusive! Having completed a custom order of 50 tags last week, I decided to make some other samples and add them to my range. I'll post piccies here when they're ready. I think they're great - they're custom made with fonts to match the designers font or logo and add a really unique finish to the jewellery. I've made them for myself in the past but had never thought about adding them to my range before!

Right, off to put little 'un to bed and then on with more silver work!


ChatElaine said...

Would love to see the tags and how big they are, I could be interested myself and I love your toggle clasps and all your silverwork really!!!

Rebecca Crabtree said...

Thanks! Hopefully the tags will be photographed tonight. They're fired and polished, I just hate photographing things!! More toggle clasps will be coming soon as well!