Monday, 10 November 2008

So, what have I achieved since my last entry - not a lot! I've had lots of ideas, started a few things but haven't really finished anything, so it's another post without pictures.

I'm taking part in the metal clay challenge on Frit Happens, I know that some of you know me from there, but others know me from my classes, so for those of you that don't know Frit Happens is another forum that I'm part of. This one is for all things glassy - lampworkers and fusers, but metal clay seems to be becoming more a part of the forum as more people experiment with it and with mixing it with glass. So we now have our own section on the forum and Emma, has set us an Autumn challenge. I stupidly decided to do something that's not my usual thing (isn't that what a challenge is about?!), but it's proving harder than I thought! Still, hopefully when it's finished I'll be proud of it and I wanted to take part in challenges to try and stretch me a bit.

Little clue - autumn landscape with enamels - YIKES!

I received my copy of Holly Gage's Metal Clay Calendar 2009 - it's fabulous and I can't stop looking at all the pictures. Also on it's way to me is Hadar Jacobson's new book which I ordered over the weekend, all about Bronzclay and combining it with silver, so I'm really looking forward to that delivery!

Hopefully, I'll have piccies to show you on my next post!

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