Saturday, 1 November 2008

New Bracelet

Right, I'm going to make a big effort to keep up to date with this now - even if I do just ramble on to myself!!

I got this bracelet finished today and I love it! This one is a keeper. The lampwork beads are by the very fabulous Tania Grey ( I thought the beads were just so beautiful that they didn't need much adding to them. So I just made some silver spacer beads using Art Clay Syringe, and a matching toggle clasp.
I've been determined to start making complete jewellery pieces. I spend so much of my "free" time either teaching or making commission pieces that I don't feel like I'm being very creative with my own jewellery. So, I've got a few pieces on the go, which I'm hoping will reignite my creative side! So watch out, this could be the first of many!!


Billie Jean Little said...

Seriously gorgeous!

Saffie said...

Hi Becci and welcome to blogging!!!! that is also a seriously beautiful piece