Saturday, 22 November 2008


Ok, so I'm lovin Folksy! I'm slowly but surely getting my shop up and running. I hate listing items so it's taking a while, but I'm getting there. I've also had my first sale on there too (thanks Elaine!).

Here's one of the items I've listed today, and is also a new product line - magnetic clasps. There will be lots of these to come, but they take quite a long time to make (especially this one!) This is one of the larger clasps, but I have a range of 4 sizes available. A lot of them will be fairly simple with lovely textures on, some will sit flat the same as this, but others will have the holes positioned so that the clasp is vertical.

I've also made a couple of simple curved heart pendants. I love this shape heart and the necklaces are great little gifts for girls too! I've sold quite a lot of this style necklace and it's still as popular as ever.


BeadyPool said...

Those hearts are gorgeous really lovely.

Rebecca Crabtree said...

Thank you!